Sunday, October 16, 2011

Do You Speak Draconian?

I have been thinking about my post "Whats in A Name?"

I feel that perhaps it could be read sort of like a gay anthem, "I am what I am and what I am needs no excuses" and some people may have gotten the impression that I am completely against role playing as a concept for everyone. Well, I am not!

Role playing doesn't suit me, with my limited imagination and needs, but I totally respect and accept that others are more evolved, have other needs and are more imaginative in unfolding their inner spirits.

The BDSM-scene in SecondLife is huge I am told, but to me it holds no allure. Pain or even the thought of causing or enduring it - aside from more or less gentle nibbling - is a complete turnoff for me. That being said does however not mean that I cannot understand why others can and do find it enticing. One of the most prominent Swedes on the SecondLife BDSM scene, Stoltz Sinatra, appeared in a Swedish television program last week. He was a perfectly charming man who spoke about his interest for electro-sex with passion and humor.

Other common forms of role playing in SecondLife involve fairies (the kind with pointed ears and butterfly wings, not the LGBT ones), vampires, furries, angels and even dragons. I must admit an almost total lack of knowledge as to what these groups are up to, except for the fact that fairies are great builders

As far as I know I am friends with two vampires (Yannis and his wife Orchid), a tomcat (sirhc, although I am not sure he qualifies as a furry) and a dragon.

The dragon I am acquainted with is Irwin Blachere, who is one of the friendliest and most mild mannered souls in SecondLife - or even outside of it. We have been talking for a few years now, mostly in group chat about anything between heaven and earth but sometimes in IM about personal experiences.

Strangely enough it wasn't until today when I roamed the Internet looking for pictures of hir that I realized that Irwin is a wellknown persona, who even has hir own article on WikiFur: Irwin (of the Blackheart Ridge).

Actually before reading the article I didn't even know that dragons were a species of furries, I always thought they were reptilian. (I did not find a good picture of Irwin on the Internet, so I had to go through my own archives until i found the one I am using here.)

Bock McMillan breathes: Oh in conclusion, dragons do not speak, they use telepathy!


  1. how cool Irwin:) yay:)
    you should have asked me i have great pics of irwin from OD - but how would you know that...
    sirhc is of the "original nekos" so yes furry as he wears a fur and sleak tail NOT a fluffy tail, like the "new" nekos does:)

  2. Darn! How could I forget nekos, my adopted son Guyke was one for almost two years? ;)

    Thanks for clearing that up Vamps!

  3. Irwin payed me a visit at my parcel Place des Petits Bourgeois in Solace the other day.
    I had the joy of showing him around and we had a nice chat under my autumn tree together with Sven who happened to come around.

    First time I met Irvin was a long time ago, he came to my big viking-party, the second party I threw in sl. Irwin came in one of his biggest dragons and his body covered the whole sky, or my whole parcel if you like.

    This time he was of a size that could even sit down in one of my chairs.
    I also didn´t know of his fame in sl but I understood that it is great when he told me that apart of role playing himself he works as a role-play teacher in sl.

    Btw, how did he choose his names, I wonder?
    Would be interesting if you made a "Named avatars", and let people send you descriptions of how they choose there names.
    I now know how you chose, I have read how Vampi did and I know also from where sirhc and Apmel originates.
    But there are a lot of other names out there that can make one curious : ))

  4. What an excellent suggestion, Kandinsky! Will you do me the honor and pleasure of being my first "Named Avatar"? ;)

  5. With pleasure:

    My first name came to me of to reasons.
    It is the family name of the great russian painter, Wassily Kandinsky, dead 1944, whom I like very much. The second reason I took it as my first name was the belief that I would be the only one in sl with that name.
    That I later should get the nickname Kandi was absolutely nothing I thought of.

    My last name, Beaumont, is chosen among the names given by sl at that time. It suited me fine as it is part of a by me beloved address in rl.

    One of my first friends in sl came to be an ava with a great sense of humour and a lot of energy with the same family name as mine, Bafana Beaumont. He is now very active in the group Africa live, doing a lot of good things. Nowadays his name is Osagyefo Kwame N'krumah.

  6. PS to Bock: Wassily Kandinsky was a lawyer before he turned to painting and made art history... : ))

  7. I work fast Kandinsky, take a look at my latest post... ;)


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