Saturday, November 5, 2011

Complete List of Virtual World Blogs

Sven Idyll photographed by Sven Idyll
The Swedish blogger Sven Idyll has been working hard to make a complete list of links to blogs covering virtual worlds, although mostly SecondLife.

He has now collected a list with more than a hundred links to active blogs. The list is sorted with the latest updated on top. If a blog isn't updated in six months it will be removed.

Only a few of the links are for fashion or event blogs as Sven thinks these blogs - although they have great layouts are mainly for commercial reasons - and he wants to focus on the blogs covering living in virtual worlds or the technical aspects. He is however considering to maybe create a special collection of links to the fashion blogs in the future.

I have added a gadget in the right column with a direct link to the list, click the image "Virtual Links" and it will take you straight there.

Sven says he will gratefully accept any hints of blogs he may have missed, so if you don´t find your blog in the list tell him about it!

My own tips to Sven on missing links are
Gay-Worlds News (,
The Bullring ( and
Second Pride (

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