Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mr. Gay UK 2011

Mr Gay UK is an annual beauty contest for gay men, with regional heats held across the UK.

I voted for contestant #6 Greg Lumley. As I informed the readers of, I find Greg to be breathtaking and totally lickable!

Vote for you favorite here Mr. Gay UK 2011.

Informatioo about Greg Lumley
Age: 27
Region: Middlesbrough
Occupation: Graphic designer

What made you enter Mr Gay UK this year?
Well actually, I wasn’t going to, because I wasn’t really confident enough to do it. But when I got there I just thought why not? You only live once!

How did you feel when you won the heat?
Amazing, I really didn’t think I’d win. I thought the other guys cheers were louder than mine. I was more than chuffed.

How do you feel about the final?
Excited, the other constestants are strong, but I'm really looking forward to the competition.

What will you do with the money if you win?
It might sound boring, but I’d put it towards a deposit for a house.


  1. Wow a hard decision. Could vote for all of them but chose Sam. They are all so fucking hot.

  2. Haha I had Sam in 3rd place with Charlie as 2nd, but those two were pretty close together. Greg was outstanding in my mind. ;)

  3. I used to love watching this when I lived in the U.K.. Its good that they finally picked on who looks like a top.


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