Friday, November 11, 2011

Ohhhhh am I still here?

Photography by Vesper Kling


  1. We're here because you're there =^^=

  2. Well Eddi, I could say it was due to lag, but instead I choose to leave it up to my readers to interpret the art. ;)

    ^-^ meowwww

  3. I never understod never will understand why year 2K or 11.11.11 or 12.12.12 or somthing like it always supose to mean "catastrophy". Cross sum of date 11.11.11 and time 11.11 is "1"! A holy number in slamic, Jewish and Christian belief. The number 1 is also associated with Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love; Apollo, the Greek God of Beauty and Truth; Diana, the Roman Goddess of the Hunt; Vesta, the Roman Hearth Goddess; Freya, the Norse Goddess of Fertility, and the Chinese God Pangu.
    Isn´t that a lucky number?

  4. "islamic" Sorry for the misspelling -No harm meant.

  5. Brace yourselves for December 2012 when even trusted psychics cannot see past, just a wall of darkness....

  6. Oh the horror ;)

    ...nah I don´t believe in this numerology insanity, we must always keep in mind that the time and calendars we use are made by man and laws. We have every possibility to remake, rearrange it at any given time.


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