Friday, November 4, 2011

Time to Sign Up

If you aren't an organ donor already you should sign up for it now.

Always make sure that you let the people close to you know where you stand in this matter, so you do not dump the decision in their lap at a time when they are preoccupied with other things!

Organ Donor Foundation TV commercial - 'Leila' from kirk gainsford on Vimeo
(via copyranter)

This is by far the best public service announcement for organ donation I have ever seen, it´s strong and hits home hard. The best part is of course that it is completely true. If you aren't an organ donor you do take 5-7 others with you who could have been saved!

Swedes can sign up here Donationsrådet.
Americans can sign up here
Canadians can find out how and where to sign up here Canadian Living
Australians can sign up here Australia MediCare
Danes can sign up here
Britons can sign up here Organ Donation
New Zealanders can sign up here Organ Donors Foundation
Belgians can find consent forms in French and Dutch here
The Dutch can sign up here - with DigID Donorregister or with a form Donorregister

In Finland it is automatically assumed that you consent to organ donation unless you have previously expressed opposition. (Way to go, Finland!)

Lazy buggers of any other nationality, just do a Google search for organ donation and your country.

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