Sunday, December 11, 2011

Great Design Sells

For the man - or woman - who has everything, well almost...

This "simply-must-have" is my suggestion for a Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa gift to all your loved ones this year.

This discreet and compact vibrator is a product that has a timeless elegance, eternal usability and is for all ages above 15. (Admittedly some under 15 would like to use it also, but it would be creepy and perverted to gift it to them.) 

I would buy it for the design alone. To read more about Crave go this webpage.


  1. Neat but is it USB or Blue Tooth? =^^=

  2. USB-rechargeable the advert says ;)

  3. Is it available with Second Life interface?
    Might be some possibilities .... whit that thing .... :)

  4. Haha it actually made me think about an advertisement I often saw in mail order catalogs when I was young.

    They were selling something they called a "massage device" with a picture of a beautiful young, blond, woman with a blissful smile rubbing a dildo against her lower neck and shoulder.

  5. I remember that ad! "-Good for your neck and shoulders"!
    I always wanted to do a poll among the buyers: How many of you use this for your neck pain?


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