Saturday, December 31, 2011

Misandry and Zlatan

It´s been an exciting morning.

First of all, I learned a new word, misandry. (Take the link to Wikipedia to learn the meaning of the word.)

Secondly, I read a comment directed at me on a Swedish blog where the blogger herself referred to me as "the Zlatan of self-pitying". The selfsame blogger also honored me with a blogroll of my own, with the reason given that she didn't read my blog herself but that she wished to perform a public service to her readers.

For those of you who do not know of Zlatan Ibrahimović let me tell you he is the best Swedish professional soccer player ever. (Again, if you wish to learn more about Zlatan take the Wiki-link)

Even if I know I should have ignored her baiting, I could not resist so I dropped her a reply (here translated to English):

Well, (bloggers first name), it is normally not considered pleasant to kick on someone who is already down on the ground, but perhaps there are other standards on the West Coast? No for sure, I know that there aren´t, because I have lived there myself for five years.
If you are tired of my self-pitying, I can honestly say that it most likely is a slight breeze compared to how I feel myself. Unlike me, however, you have the privilege to surf on with a snort; I have to live my way through the crap.
When I began blogging, I promised myself that the blog would be a true, honest and open account of my experiences or else I should not do it. Of course I do not write about everything concerning my dealings with others, but in regard to myself, I am completely open. If this does not suit you obviously you should not read it - and most definitely not give it a blogroll of it´s own on your blog.
December 31, 2011 14:42
Enough of this bullshit, now I am getting ready for this evening. Have fun everyone! 


  1. Happy New Year BOCK.

  2. Happy New Year to you both and everyone else! ;)

  3. You should write "Vanadis" instead of "a Swedish female SL blogger" in accordance with good journalistic practice. The group of female Swedish SL blogger is so small and so as not to single out five or six innocent should publish names.

  4. Thank you, for your kind recommendation, but as I have said many times before I am not a journalist and did not see any purpose in naming the blogger.

    Those who read Swedish blogs would know already, and those who do not read Swedish blogs wouldn't give a damn.


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