Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Reporting For Duty, My Laird!

Some people are always complaining that "it is so difficult to find good help these days". Those days have lasted for the last five hundred years.

Well, I can tell you I was absolutely thrilled to see my new Sergeant at Arms reporting for duty in full McMillan regalia today.

sirhc DeSantis-McMillan looked so absolutely sexy and cute, as you can see for yourself!

Lucky for him, he is betrothed (or whatever they call it - hmmm ringfasted?) to a dear friend of mine and my First Technical Officer (a.k.a. tech-head) Vampi Twine-DeSantis-McMillan - who also happens to be very scary woman when it pleases her - or I would be scratching his furry back by now.

Just one thing kitten, I usually take the glengarry bonnet off as fast as I can although I always insist on wearing it when first arriving at any function. It really is not the best look for studs like you and I, is it?

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