Monday, December 12, 2011

The Saint Lucio Pageant 2011 (Updated)

What: The Saint Lucio pageant in SecondLife

When: December 13th, 2011, 11 AM SLT

Who: Everyone and anyone is welcome, either to join in the pageant or to join in the celebration as an onlooker. 

No prior notification or registration needed! Just be there in costume before the pageant starts walking at 11 AM SLT

Where: Swedish Embassy in SecondLife

We walk to combat the forces of darkness and the evil powers and for the return of light, warmth and love in the world.

What to wear (the eternal question): Depends mostly on if you are there as an onlooker or to walk in the pageant.

A) If you are a member of the audience - The sim is rated as General, so keep your private parts (boobs and genitalia) covered and tucked away.

B) If you want to join in the pageant there are several alternatives.
1.  Saint Lucia or Saint Lucio
Full length white gown with red silk ribbons around the waist and a crown of lit candles.

A beautiful version of the gown can be picked up at my friends, designers Zigadena Gabardini and Emerald Harveys, store ZE Designs Mainstore (SLurl) (the gown can also be used for the maids and maidservants and - I should think - the star boys too).

The beautiful crown is designed by Cur Waydelich at CurWay Creations and can be picked up for free at his store SLurl CurWay Mainstore (SLurl)

2. Saint Lucia´s maids or maidservants (a.k.a. "tärnor")
Full length white gown with halos and waistbands of glitter and a lit candle in one hand.

3. Star boys or star girls
Full length white gowns with tall conical white hats sprinkled with stars and a star on a stick in one hand.

4. Gingerbread men or women
Brown outfits of varying design with white frosting and wearing a brown top hat

5. Santa´s and Santa mums
Red and white outfits (well you have seen them before)

6. Chimney sweeps
Black outfits with the paraphernalia of a traditional chimney sweeper, black top hat and black rope etc.

7. Yule bock
Shape shift into a goat made of straw with red silk ribbons around your body and horns. (This group is mainly represented by the designer Ms. Adrina Welders)

Thanks to the janitor of the Embassy sims, Ms. PetGirl Bergman, free ready made outfits are now available in the reception of the Embassy (SLurl) 50 meters from the landing spot for the pageant.

After the pageant has walked - and sang a cappella (or made noises without music) - we will also witness the burning of the Yule bock, thanks to the gracious offer of my friend the designer Ms. Adrina Welders.

One last thing, remember we are doing this to have FUN!


  1. Dearest Bock, I hope your very detailed advice on the dressing is considered as an advisory!

    A little freedom must be allowed, please... you can understand that as the very unconventional Lucia you are : ))

    Great initiative!

  2. Of course, Kandinsky, you and anyone else are allowed to take any liberties you choose. The above ony tells you about tthe traditional guidelines.

    I feel I have to correct you you on one small point, I am no LuciA I am a LuciO... ;)

  3. Oh, my! Bad, I fell in the trap of my own prejudices, sorry my dear Saint Lucio!

  4. Tack Bock!! jag tror du har gjort mer än du tror för att minska avståndet mellan olika grupper och dessutom gjort de vanligaste attributionsfelen något mindre i SL
    Så tack!

  5. Hugs Ziga, thank you for being there with me!

  6. You dressed in that above pic would make a fantastic addition to my Christmas Tree.
    Maybe you wrapped in a ribbon could do in a pinch ;-)

  7. Pfft Ziggy, I actually have a ribbon outfit somewhere in my vast Inventory, if I can only remember the name I will show you sometime! ;)

  8. Bock I need to see that ribbon hehe (kidding)...seriously we need to hang out soon and you also still owe me a "Kiss a Swede Day" kis...just 1 kiss and I'll be cheerfull again !!!!

  9. Patience stud, I have always fulfilled my obligations and as time goes by and with reminder fees, late fees and interest I now already owe you one kiss and four hugs! ;)

  10. I think you should show your buns off more. And I am not talking about the ones that have saffron in them that you serve wearing that cute Hanukkah Menorah you are wearing on your head :).


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