Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Swedish Embassy Lucia 2011

The Swedish Embassy Lucia pageant made its traditional walk over the Swedish Embassy sims in SecondLife this year also, in spite of last minute arrangements.

Three avatars, who have been a part of the Swedish Lucia pageant in SecondLife since the start 2006 where there again and therefor deserve special mention, Taco Rubio (these days mostly referred to as King Bieber I), the kings consort Alexa Linden and of course PetGirl Bergman, the janitor/concierge of the embassy sims. 
Besides these three I should think we were in total about 25 people, Swedes and Internationals, to celebrate the occasion. Everyone was exceptionally beautiful in their Lucia outfits, except for Taco and I. The two of us looked as we always do, i.e. absolutely stunning!

Special thanks to Tienkie for stepping up and singing for us - when I could not get my voice to work - and to Adrina Welders for giving us another (traditional for the SecondLife pageants) burning of the Yule Bock. I would also like to thank all of those who were actually there and all of those who have told me they wished they could have been there with us. Maybe next time!
PetGirl has now promised that there will be a Swedish Embassy Lucia next year, I will hold her to her word.

As I was busy ordering people about and walking-the-walk I wasn´t able to take that many pictures, but I had the chance to get some at least. Enjoy!
Alexa Linden in white to the left, Tienkie in Lucia crown to the right
His majesty King Bieber I (Taco Rubio)
Zigadena Gabardini in the center watches the Yule bock burn
Sexy Horre with entourage
The Yule bock in ashes


  1. Great event and great pictures buddy Lucio! And I also heard Tinas promise and put it in print on Apmels blog - so she can´t get away now!

  2. Thanks for being there, Apmel!

    Good, I have a witness! Now lets see if she tries to wiggle out of that promise. We will come down on her like a ton of bricks!

  3. Bock, are you planning to serve up any buns to your friends in honor of the holiday? I know several of us who would love to be served up a Bock buns treat, so if you can publish the name of the club where you will be hanging out tonight I am sure it will build scene traffic.

  4. To al:-))) It was a great Lucia att the SHOS! You did so well so why not continue *wicked smile*...

    I counted as I always do. We where 34 on the sim (once),.,. so as people come and go it was more ones...

    You know that now we have done a new cyberhistory. I will write about it at my blogg later.

    The absolute best: YOU al showed that a Lucia like this one is a MUST!

    Hugs /Tina (PG)

  5. Yay! Sorry Bock, RL work got in my way of attending, sigh :(. Way to go!! I am so glad you did a St.Lucia's pageant. The pics look great! Hopefully, next year things go even better and we get the usual numbers of people attending. It is my New Years wish :)


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