Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy 5th Rezday Apmels!

Apmel in an installation for Naked Avatars in SecondLife
Apmel Goosson, the lovable enfant terrible of the Swedish SecondLife community celebrates his 5th anniversary in SecondLife today.
Apmel Jr, uncle Ib and Apmel Sr.
I am proud to call Apmel a friend and indeed my bosom-buddy, He is not always easy to be around, but hell he is well worth the time!

Apmelina in Naked Avatars in SecondLife
Apmel is of course the head of the well known artsy SecondLife family of avatars the Apmels of Solace Island. Apart from Apmel himself hius family consists of uncle Ib, Apmel J.R., Apmelina and Apmelsprivatabankman, Robotina and perhaps some more that I have not yet been introduced to.

Apmel is of course also the owner and writer of the blog "My Avatars Name is Apmel", which was the Bock McMillans Art Foundations (a part of the BMcM Corporation) lifetime achievement award for 2011,

Happy rezday Apmel, may you have very many more!


  1. Awww, thx Bock buddy. But WTF can´t you get the name of my blog right!? - My AVATAR is Apmel :)

  2. Ughhh it was late and I was tired, sooooooo sorry rezdayboy! ;)


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