Monday, January 23, 2012

Job Applications

This picture is called "Fred with tires" and was photographed in 1984 by Herb Ritts. I  saw it - again - on Christo Spyker´s blog "Christo´s Second Live" recently. I am using it here because it is beautiful, it has nothing to do with the rest of the post.

Today I have been reading job applications all day in my first life. I have gone almost brain dead out of boredom. I never, ever, want to see the words "samarbetsförmåga" *, "stresstålig" ** and "utmaning" *** ever again.

Please give me your most solemn promises never to use any of those three words in an application for a job, especially if you think I may be reading it. If I could I would run all applications with those words in the bloody paper shredder at once. Instead I have decided to show those applicants who have avoided using those boring words my utmost favor

Oh, to try to tie in the post with the picture, if you should decide to send a picture with your application make it an interesting one. (And you do not have to show skin to make it interesting... but sometimes it is helpful...)

*) interpersonal or collaboration skills,
**) stress resistant 
***) challenge


  1. Maybe it was on this blog.

    1. Yes, that was where I saw it again! Thanks for reminding me Christo. I will correct the post at once ;)


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