Sunday, January 15, 2012

Second Pride 2012 - General Meeting

I am not on the board of Second Pride  or anything, but I find it interesting to be at the general meetings. All the Board meetings are also open to the membership if something isn´t said about it.

The meetings are conducted in English and with a set of formal American rules. I mostly shut up and am learning as I go along.

The meetings are lead with great aptitude by our Chairman. sexy Doc Spad..

Doc started by informing that there was now a candidate for the empty post of Membership director on the board. The guy would leave a CV. and this would be voted upon at the next meeting.

Over to the next question about how the surplus from 2011 should be handled. There is some tension in the rather small group about how SP2012 should handle the matter of the surplus of L$ 373 757 carried over from SP2011.

It seems the board of SP2011 took a decision that all the surplus should be payed on to a charity.with a very long acronym that I cannot remember, while the present board had decided first to use parts of the surplus for necessary investments before paying the vast majority to the charity with the long acronym. (The difference is fairly small, L$29 400 or USD 115).

To some of the membership it has now gotten to be a tiresome matter of principle and the matter always pops up one way or an another despite the fact that the issue has been thoroughly discussed, voted on and decided, now at least two times. Today the board decided to reiterate their former decision about how the funds should be managed. We will see when it  is brought up again next time.

Khar Indigo reported from the Christmas fundraiser, which had been well visited and rather successful, and three more monthly charity events for the future. She has always seeed a a very competent woman to me and seems to have her ducks lined up.

Avacar Bluestar informed us that things were going as planned with establishing the new website. He encouraged everyone to re-register on the new website.(

Pierrick reported that he was handling the new Facebook page and that the other on the board were welcome to post there too. He was going to give them administrative rights to it a.s.a.p. We went on to ask for help from previous board members and others of information about the largest contributors during earlier festivals. (It seems there is a list of this in the documents he should be able to access but hasn't found yet.)

My only criticism concerning these meetings are twofold, it seem that members feel free to rehash matters that have already been discussed, voted upon and decided if they did not happen to attend the meeting where all was decided.. The second objection goes to the fact that some people talk in riddles about some conflict which is not known to me in which it seems both Zach Preminger and Lemonodo Oh were involved. I dare not even guess if it was the same thing or what could have happened. I don´t care really, what I am objecting about is the not uncommon references to them and something that happened. If you don't want to spill the beans to us all just chose not to talk about it at all.

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  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of the committee Buddy:) Days of brain addling attention to detail ('i'd like to address the chair concerning a point of order regarding the minutes') - but usually for a damn good reason. And i totally recommend them =^^=


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