Saturday, January 21, 2012


This is a comment to the present discussion in the Swedish SecondLife blogs concerning tier.

My tier for Southern Charm at the moment is L$ 5,55 per prim for four weeks (including the VAT-tax enforced by the European Union on all EU-citizens who rent directly from Linden Lab).

Without the European Union penalty tax for renting directly from the Lab my cost would be L$ 4,44 per prim and four weeks. To the best of my knowledge no one who rents from anyone other than Linden Lab ever gets hit by this deeply unfair tax.

(The interpretation of the reasons for the tax given above is mine, I am sure the bureaucrats in Brussels would describe the reasons differently.)


  1. That's one thing great about the good old USA -- we do not have a national consumption tax (a VAT), just income tax against consumers. Most states do have sales taxes (not all), but they rarely get above 6% --- and they are not enforced for Second Life land rental.

  2. Well, I am Swedish so I actually don´t mind paying taxes that much if only it´s a fair one that is applied in an equal manner.

    This tax only hits tenants from within the European Union that rent directly from Linden Lab and is consequently totally and horrifically unjust.

  3. Taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society. If you ever doubt that, move to the southern U.S. That said, it seems like SL has levied taxes in an unequitable manner. They should straighten that out.

    1. This tax was forced on Linden Lab by the EU a few years ago with the threat that if they did not comply SecondLife would somehow be blocked inside the EU (or something to that effect - I cannot quite remember).

      As I said above, I rather like taxation but it should not be applied depending on whom one rents from. And as the EU cannot apply it on the other landlords they should not force it on Linden Labs either.


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