Monday, February 13, 2012

Reflections on a Monday

Sunday was a hectic day for me. My feelings were all over the place, swinging from sorrow to happiness and then back and forth a few times. All in all it was a good day though.

Can one actually celebrate a wedding anniversary if the spouse is dead? That was one of the things on my mind early in the day, but I soon decided that "Hell yes, sure I can" because it was one of my happiest days in SecondLife. "Honi soit qui mal y pense" (which in Bockese directly translates into "Bugger those evil minded bastards who think ill thereof")

Then I was reached by the news of Whitney Houston´s death at an early age in tragic circumstances. The first song that came to my mind was "I Will Always Love You" from the film where she starred against Kevin Costner, "The Bodyguard". Not very original I know but...

The last Coffee and Pajamas Jazz Show with Elfay at Circe´s Sunset Jazz Club brought laughter and sad and happy memories. That club and that show and Circe, Elfay, Diana, Margo and Carol, Mari and Ex and all the other regulars there, meant a lot for me during a difficult time. I cannot even begin to explain how important it was for me to have that place to go to every Saturday (and later Sunday). It was a sad parting of sorts but still not because they will all remain in SecondLife and hopefully we will all keep in touch.

The Sunday ended on a very happy and festive note with the birthday bash of my buddy Ziggy Starsmith and his studelicious man Holter. All the gay hunks of SecondLife where there and I should think some more came after I left at midnight (my time) to catch some sleep before work today.

In between the show and the party I had good conversations with my sister Millimina, my brother in-laws Dejerrity and Andrey...hmmm sorry I mean D R E Y. My avatars soul was after further investigations proven to be in mortal peril and was finally saved. 

But more about the last show, the birthday bash and the tests and the scary treatments I had to undergo to save my soul in future posts. I need to gather more energy for that.

Ohh I will also reveal the identity of "my vampire", the most beautiful vampire that has ever existed, including that silly Tom Cruise´s rendition.


  1. Always great and pleasant times meeting my dear darling BIL :-)


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