Saturday, March 17, 2012

Avacar, Get Your Thumbs Out...

My buddy Butch Diavolo has now - despite dental surgery, tooth extractions and terrible pains - fulfilled the requirements for an invitation to the Rhino Bloggers Group by posting three times in a week on his newly started blog Butch´s Ramblings.

Please send the courageous and heroic man an invitation to the Rhino Bloggers group a.s.a.p., Avacar!

Welcome to the group, Butch!

P.S. Never mind, Avacar buddy, I discovered that I could do it myself so I sent him the invitation! ;)


  1. Yay very glad to bring new aspiring writers into the fold and hope they tap our resources and learn all they need to become better bloggers!

    1. I know Butch had been around before too - thanks for looking after that for us.

  2. It was my pleasure helping out, Avacar ;)


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