Friday, March 16, 2012

Finally Friday

"China Shangay 2002, Tai Chi 3" by Itshak Dinstein    

I am not the one to usually burst out in T.G.I.F´s, I like my work and colleagues too much, but this Friday was really welcome.

The past week I have been chasing around to try to catch up with myself. I can like that sometimes, when things are intense and hectic and you feel like you are accomplishing worthwhile things, but not this week. Even though a lot of good things happened, I have been too tired to enjoy them. Hopefully that will happen during the weekend or next week.

Life - to me - is sort of a balancing act, the only problem is that life doesn't know it - or care. Life instead insists on coming at me in varying amounts. speed and at its own timetable.


  1. Keep on spinning those plates Bock! You know you love it. But rest up and take a well earned break this weekend - we need you fresh! ;-)

    1. Thanks Torro. I am planning on following your advice and hopefully life doesn't throw me a curve ball! ;)

      Hugs buddy!


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