Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Firestorm Viewer Update (Updated)

The Phoenix Project has released a wonderful - I think - viewer update today, the Firestorm FUI Beta

The new viewer includes the amazing FUI developed by Linden Lab for its Viewer 3 and keeps the vertically stacked chats and also seems to have added lots of amazing functions, if one can judge by the video above. The vertically stacked chats, which I have become completely addicted to, were the only thing that made me leave Viewer 3 and go back to Firestorm.

Keep you fingers and toes crossed, I am downloading and launching it now!

PROBLEMS (to be continued)
1. I cannot choose the language for my download, it forces the Danish version on me. Which is plain stupid. Sure as a Swede from the far south of Sweden I do understand a lot of Danish but not the technical stuff and I have become accustomed to the English version and want that.

2. Ughh say whaaaaaaat? I got this when I started the viewer to log in on Wednesday March 21:
I will check to see if a fresh install helps me.

3. Same problem as yesterday occurs again, do I really have to re-install the viewer every time I want to use it?

SOLUTIONS (to be continued)
1, Change the default language to English from "Mig" to "Indstillinger" and then change it in "Sprog"

2. I did a fresh install and the problem came back, but after I had changed the language from Danish to English it did not come back. Really strange and confusing.

3. No problems after the third day using it, really do not understand this, but anyway everything seems to be working fine now.

BENEFITS (to be continued)
1. The problem with me being stuck down to my ankles and not being able to move when I log in has been solved. I had to teleport to another sim to get out of that clinch and to get the sounds working properly. 


  1. Problems 1- if you have FS installed in danish change to english or your prefered language --->the danish is in () Preferences (Indstellinger) / General (Generelt) / Language (Sprog) System Default (System Standard) change to your language and restart viewer - Done!
    ....and they are working on a fix update for it

    This viewer likes both my laptop and my big , no disasters so far (like on the last one that coocked my graphic card in 5 sec (and total comp crash that lasted for hours before i could start it again) on my big machine and didnt start at all on the lap) so im happy...so far:)

    1. Thanks Vampi, that´s exactly what I did (when I remembered I had seen a setting for this in the earlier versions.

      Your comment should be very helpful for the Scandinavian residents who do not understand Danish though, thanks again! ;)

  2. The viewer takes a while to get used to, and you have to re-position the buttons to stop them from interfering with your huds, but it seems to be a big improvement. One thing I noticed is the improvement in graphical clarity when I photograph--- there is a clear difference in photographic quality using the latest rendtion of Firestorm.

  3. Still find the new Firestorm to be not as fast performance wise as SLV3 or Exodus and it just feels bloated with too many toys. I get blue sparkly things around some objects and textures and it just feels crashy. I miss some features but performance is more important to me and there are some features that are just too insane for a viewer like color friend tags and radar in name tags and tip counters etc etc.
    Nice handy things but not at the expense of normal, everyday use for the regular user.

  4. I installed it yesterday as well and took it for a brief spin. I too had the Danish version. Being Dutch and so very talented (and sexy), I had no problem installing and changing the language (Sprog).
    Everything loaded just fine as well. However, I was a orange cloud the whole time I was on (30 mins). Haven't checked yet today, but if you see a cute orange cloud in world, say hi. It will probably be me.

  5. After my initial language setting problem I had no problems at all with the new Firestorm, everything loaded great on my viewer. I did not check speed though and do not know if I perhaps was a cloud to others - sexier than any Dutch one except for the obvious exception, the talented and hot Mr. Diavolo Esq. ;)

  6. now i have done more testing running photoshop and other programs at the same time then tp-ing to a laggy sim and yay im still here comp has not crashed on me so i AM very happy...so far
    it does run faster than previous PS/FS for me.

  7. Awesome! I will name you my taést pilot for risky projects.!

  8. omg after bumping my head a thousand times on my keyboard since also my Firestorm decided to go talk Danish to me i found this post ! thanks so much Vampi...


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