Saturday, March 3, 2012

For NE0

Hey NE0, I got your message through my e-mail! Let´s try a little show and tell instead and hopefully you will get the "SecondLife button"-gadget working on your blog also.

Image 1
1. Start by downloading this image of the SecondLife logo  to your computer. (see image 1)
2. Click "Design" in the top right corner of your blog.
3. Click "Layout"
4. Click "Add a Gadget" anywhere in the Layout (you can move it to wherever you want it later)
Image 2
5. Choose the "Picture" gadget (see image 2) in the window that pops up
6. Fill in the window with the name you choose for the gadget, the url to SecondLife´s main page (I use, and add the picture with the logo from your computer. Check the box that says "Shrink to fit".
7. Click "Save"

Image 3
This is how the gadget should look once you are ready (see image 3)

When you are done you can move the gadget  to any position in your blog you wish in Layout

Good luck! Please get back to me if you still have problems.


  1. Thank you Bock, i will try that now :))

  2. Yeeeah it works :))) !!! my problem was i choosed the wrong gadget in step 5...i choosed add your own gadget and i could not add any file from computer ..only "link" thank you for the very detailed instruction, every blogger should have t his button on their blogg :)


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