Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Evening

Iendi & DJ Apollon
Getting back home from the conference today, the only thing on my mind was to get some sleep. I was tired from an almost sleepless night being kept awake by quacking ducks and geese trying to find partners or fighting for territory.

After my four hour nap I was halfway fit for fight again and logged into SecondLife to check out that everything was well on the home sim, which it was. When I was about to log into first life there was an invitation in the Swedish group chat to come and listen to DJ Apollon. I have always liked Apollon and his mixes even if I may not enjoy some of the music as much. Somehow Apollon always succeeds in creating good humor at his sets.

I really hadn't planned on staying very long but it was just as easy to relax with Apollon and the others as would have in first life so I stayed a couple of hours until the Friday coma started setting in.

As some of you may remember Apollon is the winner of this blogs contest "Naked Avatars in SecondLife" ("Nakna avatarer i SL")

For the wining photoes please look at my previous posts "The Winner" and Apollon Allen´s contributions "Nakna avatarer i SL 46"

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