Thursday, March 8, 2012

It Ain't Cheap To Look Good

Bock as a noob dancing at Badboy Plaza
My buddy Eddi Haskell has a new poll running on his blog Eddi Haskell´s Second Life, asking How Much Do You Spend To Look Good in SecondLife?

Take the poll, please, I am so looking forward to see the final results.

I will not share with you how much I spend, but if you look at the picture above I am sure you can guess it took some hard work, many cosmetic surgeries (with shape and skin changes), AO´s to get rid of the "duckwalk" and a more than a few Lindens on a decent wardrobe and accessories to make that hideous noob look as halfway good as I do today.

The picture above shows me in my third or fourth month in SecondLife. I had just managed to buy the Pride Flag after about 25 hours of "camping". Soon afterwards I plugged in my credit card to SecondLife and the ugly duckling turned into the swan you see today, or close.

This is the only snapshot from my early days that I have found in my Inventory yet, I know there should be some more but I haven't taken the time to go through my 2,000+ snapshots and textures yet. Unfortunately I also remember how I at one point started deleting things from my early days (I will never do that again), but I am hoping there may still be some I overlooked


  1. OMG BIL you are cute since day 1!!

    1. ROFL well that comment only goes to prove that the saying "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" is damn true. You have a sweet soul for a naughty vampire, BIL!

  2. I spended more on outfits before, i really love the fashion in SL, there is so many cool outfits that you will never find in RL, and again is so much cheaper in SL than in RL, and the quality is better ? :)))

    1. Haha NEO, true there are outfits you can find in SDecondLife that you will not find in first life, but the interesting thing is also that I sometimes find myself wearing stuff in SecondLife that I wouldn't even dream of wearing in first life. And I actually think I look awesome in it...

      Slowly, slowly, slowly I notice how my first life wardrobe is turning more bold and daring and I actually get compliments from co-workers, friends and family.

      Another great things with SecondLife fasion is that when you tear of the clothing it goes back to its place in Inventory and is dry-cleaned, pressed and ready to wear the next time you want to use it!


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