Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Meeting D R E Y

 Every meeting with my brother in-law D R E Y starts with a hug followed by declarations of love, Once those preliminaries are over my BIL and I can start talking.

The talk today started with hernias, went over lovers to life, straight mens fashion sense (Apmel excluded by mutual agreement, as the rumors about him are spreading outside the Swedish circles), day men, new shops that are worth a visit and special men, lieges and lairds and lairds souls saved by instructions from sweet vampire lieges.

We also made a sate to meet when D R E Y´s liege comes home from hist travels - he has gone to Transylvania on a business trip - and how nioce it would be to hang with him awhile. We also covered the usual topic about how many assholes one has to sift through to find the gold nuggets.

Meeting my BIL is always good!


  1. Did he bite you? You can tell me, my lips are sealed...

    1. Haha I think we may have to talk privately about this... ;)

  2. lol I behave, keeping my fangs concealed ... and it was just the opposite as I rescued Bock's soul from Limbo!
    Priceless moments BIL, always a pleasure meeting talking and HUGGING!

    <3 you!!


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