Saturday, March 17, 2012

Visiting Ziggy

I logged into my SecondLife yesterday without any real plans, just to do whatever came to mind or depending on what a events would be announced in my groups.

As I was feeling cold in my first life I dug out an old sweater from my inventory, after having made a quick check around the home sim I was ready to go. At that instant I got an IM from my friend the always studelicious Ziggy Starsmith.

Ziggy sometimes tries to portray himself as one of the baddest boys in SecondLife. It may well be that he is towards those who deserve it, but to me he has always been friendly, sweet and kind. I have a knack of consistently befriending the biggest bitches and bastards in the basket, perhaps because I am one myself or perhaps because I firmly believe we all need the rebels and those who tell us what´s what without fear. In my experience those claiming to always be ever so friendly most likely turn out to be vicious, there are however exceptions to this rule.

When Ziggy called me I remembered he and his hubby Holter had recently moved to a new home and halfway forced myself upon him to show me their new place. He had to interrupt the hiking trip he was on to go home, but he was very sweet about it.

The guys new home is named Bron Yr Aur (which is Welch for "almost gold"). It is a beautiful, luscious and green wooded parcel with loads of birds and animals - not to mention chimes - everywhere. The guys had been busy making it into a warm and friendly haven.

After taking a look around the parcel Ziggy led me to a spot in the wooded garden and we sat down there for a long talk covering everything from serial killers over dreams (lucid dreaming in particular) and ending with brief insights into our first life dating histories. I had a splendid time and big chunks of the weight from the previous work week were erased from my mind. Even if the Friday coma eventually hit me with full force, I was feeling in a much better mood after our long talk than I had been in when I logged in. That´s what good friends are for!

Thanks for soothing my mind, Ziggy, hope to see you again soon!

For more pictures of our meeting please visit "Ziggy On The Edge Of Second Life; A Visit With A Friend"

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