Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Cordial Divorce

When I came in-world late last evening I hit on my ex-wife for a day Iendi Laville. We had not spoken for a few days so I wanted to check in.
Iendi and I at the lighthouse
As the party-animal that she is she was of course dancing somewhere at the time, but was still willing to come over for a good talk about anything that came to our minds. And I was especially happy to find someone who was willing to try out the animations on my newly acquired lighthouse with me.

We look good together, huh? What a pity she isn't a man... *deep sigh* Well, it was good the marriage was short and sweet, while the divorce was cordial and swift.

Ohhh! Writing about animations reminded me, when are we going to try out our wedding gift from Chaz Longfall and Kip Ashbourne, Iendi?


  1. Thank you for a very nice evening :)
    Now that I've seen your home I wonder if I should be pleased with the division of property after our divorce..?

    About the tryout of our wedding gift I just have one question. Does Rultan have to be there this time too?

    1. ;P missed out on that by eloping the marriage!

      No of course not, I am sure you and I are able to do all that is needed on our own... but I may need some small blue pills... ;)


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