Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Trial

The trial at the District Court of Oslo, Norway, against mass-murderer A.B.B. started yesterday.

A.B.B. confessed to having killed 77 people by setting off a car bomb at government headquarters in Oslo on July 22 2011 and them going on a shooting spree at a summer youth camp at the island of Utøya. However he pleaded not guilty because the acts were justified as he acted in defense of his countrymen who were in peril from Islamist supremacy and multicultural influences supported by the Norwegian political establishment.

The trial is expected to go on for 10 weeks or more, as it seems that the defense attorney Geir Lippestad has bought in to the defendants strange view of the world and is - very surprisingly - being allowed by the court to bring evidence to support it.

 Photograph: Heiko Junge/AP
The self-confessed mass-murderer was unmoved as the prosecutors stated the specific circumstances of 119 persons killed or wounded by his acts but was moved to tears when watching the video he produced and posted on YouTube shortly before going on his rampage.

Nothing at all unexpected in this case yet, but my reactions to it surprise me. I am indifferent and disengaged, I will keep on following it I am sure, but will not post much.

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