Saturday, May 5, 2012

Inner Dialogue

Me, myself, I and Bock (that me, me, me and me for those of you who don´t know me well) have had a conversation running the last few days.

I will only show you the conclusion here.

Bock: "So, to sum this up, we all agree that we believe this bloggers conclusions are wrong based on International law, the constitution of the country concerned (as far as we understand it) and by what we have witnessed ourselves in news reports after the ´incident´, but we are still not going to make a comment about it on that blog or write our own post about it?"
Me: "Yup!"
Myself: "You got it! If the bloggers own countrymen don´t care to comment why should we bother?"
I: "Yes, that´s it! And we are doing this because we like the blogger, even if we do not always agree with the bloggers political assessments, and because we are not going to stick our nose into another nations business which has no immediate impact on our lives. In addition to which we did make an agreement with Millimina, remember? Milli will keep on breathing deeply and calmly while we choose our battles with care."
Bock: "Gotcha, but can we still do the think about Dan Savage huh?"
Myself: "Hell yeah, we all love Danny boy!"
Me: "No shit, that ´Dan the man´, is hot and knows how to stomp out a Bible-preaching bigot who seems to have missed the message in the New Testament completely!"
I: "Yeah, Dan is great, I am so looking forward to see that debate between Dan and Brian Brown of NOM!"

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