Saturday, May 12, 2012

Message To My Buddy Apmel - UPDATED

Hey, bosom buddy, when I surf on to your blog I get this message from my Internet Security program. You better check it out and fix it!

When I try to go to I get this message.

Update 2
The problem has been handled by my tech-savvy bosom buddy. All is clear now!


  1. Thank you Bock, this is very strange since I don´t know of any link from my site to the malware spreading site mentioned in your message.

    Also I have not got any message myself. I will do a full virus search now, but would be thankful for any information about this phenomen from others.

    Anyone else that got this message visiting my blog?

    1. I´ll check my machine too, perhaps the problem lies with me.

    2. Microsoft Security Essentials could not find anything to warn about after a full search on my machine. Tomorrow my wifes son who is a serious computer nerd will come and have dinner with us. I will ask him also.

  2. I DID find a link to that blog now Bock, and I did away with it. Do you still get a warning opening my blog?


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