Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ziggy Speaks Up

Ziggy, looking studly as always, while preparing for battle with blind-TP offenders.
My buddy Ziggy Starsmith has never been one to hold back his opinions from fear or hesitation. The stud has now told us what he things about blind teleports in a post on his blog Ziggy On The Edge Of Second Life; Blind Teleport Offers... Blind TP´s

I could not agree more with what Ziggy tells us in that post. Those blind teleport´s are a damn nuisance and should be met with harsh rebuke - or worse - until the people doing it realize that their actions will have unwelcome consequences for them.


  1. Thanks for the kind words, make love to me on the floor now!!!!

    1. Do you realize that my nose is running and all red from blowing it constantly, my lungs are slowly making their way up through my mouth, my eyes are clogged with some sort of mucus and that I haven´t showered since yesterday morning...?

      ...and besides I have a proverbial headache... ;)

    2. I can rub Vicks on your chest and make you some chicken noodle soup while messaging your temples softly :-)

  2. My dear Bock...
    Headache and running noses are very poor excuses my friend!

    "Som en bonus fungerar endorfinerna också som smärtlindring av allt från huvudvärk till reumatism. Så jag har ont i huvudet är snarare en orsak att ha sex, än en ursäkt att slippa."

    Vill du slippa förkylningar är sex toppen. Det räcker med sex en gång i veckan för att stärka immunförsvaret.
    Källa: http://leva.nu/Halsa/Nyttigt-sex/

    (sorry.. could't resist Bock) ;)

    1. ROFL Vira, you are killing me! Damn now I will have to come up with another excuse...

      (What Vira quoted and said was:
      "As a bonus, the endorphin's also work as pain relief for everything from headaches to arthritis. So I have a headache is more of a reason to have sex, not an excuse to avoid it."

      If you want to avoid colds sex is jim-dandy. You only need sex once a week to boost the immune system.

  3. I could be that sexual medicine that gently pries open your mucus membranes and cures what ails you!
    (OMG I actually envisioned that and made myself sick ) ;-)


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