Sunday, June 24, 2012

Elfay At Pride

The one and only Elfay Pinkdot.
There are very few things that can convince me to crawl out of bed before 9 AM (12 AM midnight SLT) on a Sunday morning, my Ars was one and the divine Elfay Pinkdot doing a set at Second Pride is another.

Despite the early hour I was happy when I got there and was looking forward to two hours of good music, pleasant company and a fun chat. My expectations were indeed surpassed!

Not only was it a good crowd of humorous like-minded people that stayed on after the previous set or came in but also some long missed friends. Among those I want to mention Circe Broom especially, the iconic and generous megastar on the SecondLife live music scene from almost the start until the end of last year. Although Circe isn't feeling well and the fact that it was 3 AM local time for her, she joined us in good spirit and with her usual charm. It was so good to see her again!

Joetonight Starship and Ryce Skytower were also there, adding a bit of male beauty to the starving masses, i.e. me. Longtime readers of this blog will remember Ryce from my series "Naked Avatars in SL" where he stunned us all with his beauty; see Nakna Avatarer i SL 67 (url)

Even if Elfay had a sexy drawl at first, coming straight from bed to do the show, she soon warmed up and so did the crowd, both the regulars and her new fans. We really had a ball.

The best thing is though, that at the end of her show Elfay mentioned that she had agreed with the organizers to do a second set during the coming weeks. I will of course be there, I do not like missing Elfay.

Here are some more pictures from the event.
Joetonight dancing with feathers
Elfay, me and Circe
Ryce and I, the only picture of us that doesn't
have one or the others face covered by the darn flag
Hugging my dear Circe goodbye

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