Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Fabrice Snook Foundation


ESTABLISHED: January, 2012

MISSION: To provide support to the LGBT Community in Second Life via fianancial donations to help promote a vibrant, active LGBT presence. In loving memory of Fabrice Snook.

STATEMENT from the Board Members: 
Not long after the news of the passing of Fabrice reached those of us in Second Life, it was determined that the legacy of this great LGBT activist and friend to all should continue with in-world, grid-wide impact.

Since Fabrice was a businessman in SL, and his successful ventures continued to operate (namely: Crazy Garden, Kikoo Designs, Flag Factory), it was decided that all proceeds from sales at these established businesses would be directed to a fund set up in this Foundation name – to be managed and distributed to LGBT organizations and entities in Second Life upon approval from the Board. We anticipate extended longevity of this Foundation as the treasury receives consistent replenishment from sales generated at various in-world store locations, planned fundraisers and miscellaneous donations.

Applications for funding along with guidelines for qualification can be obtained from any of the following Foundation Board Members (NoteCard, please – IM’s get capped easily). Applications are currently in the English language pending translations into multiple languages:

Avacar Bluestar          
Draghan Marksman         
Garth Raleigh
MissK Magic
Othon Weiland
Zaza (nefaso.resident)

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Questions/interviews – contact Foundation Spokesman Othon Weiland who will assist you.

* The Fabrice Snook Foundation operates impartially and independently from any other LGBT Organization.
* This announcement will repeat in several languages and locations throughout varying venues available for Press Release.


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    1. I agree, Jordyn, it is in the spirit of Fabrice.

      So good to see you here, buddy! ;)


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