Sunday, June 10, 2012

See You Soon

I am off to get a few stitches. If all works out as I have planned I should back home again  Monday evening, but otherwise sometimes Tuesday. Take care and be good to each other.

While I am away I am trying out a new blog header, I don´t like it much, but I will not have to look at it and will have the benefit of your comments when i get back.

See yoo all soon!


  1. Good luck tomorrow! See you tomorrow evening ;)
    *hugs and pokes*

  2. Hope all goes well and we see you back here again soon. *hugs*

  3. Best of luck dearest Bockilein :)
    Fingers crossed here!
    Hope to see you soon xoxoxo

  4. Go get 'em Tiger =^^=
    Hugs and thoughts my Laird

  5. took a while before the "much scrubbing in shower" (free translation of what bock wrote to me yesterday)was about... but fingers crossed Bock buddy you are in good hands:)
    i like the header picture...needs some work tho and the background is too flat...

  6. Never seen you more handsome than on that header picture ;)

  7. Good luck, my friend.
    I am very fond of B&W pictures and I must say this one is better.
    Vampi got a point concerning the background, it is too flat, but you, for sure, stand out.

  8. Good luck buddy and see you soon! BTW love the new blog header pic but would be better in color!!! ;-)

  9. See you soon and good luck Bock!

  10. Good luck. Look forward to your return. I like the new header.

  11. Thanks all, both for the well-wishes and the opinions on the header!



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