Friday, June 29, 2012

The Splash Party with DJ Regi

After fiddling unsuccessfully with the settings on my viewer (Linden Lab´s Viewer 3) for about an hour and a half to get it to play Birdcage for me, I finally gave up.

At the end I reached so far that the viewer told me it was playing Media but I still could not see or hear anything. I know that it is way easier on the Firestorm viewer, because Media has a button of its own there, but that viewer is too heavy and slow for my purposes, and it´s overloaded with shit I do not need or want.

Searching for something else to do I saw that the Second Pride Splash Party was on, so I decided to go there with my music turned down very low - and I do not regret it because the place was filled with Ziggy Starsmith, Levi Ewing, Larz Kaz and a lot of other of SecondLife´s hunkiest male avatars and a few of the nicest female ones too, like Kharissa Indigo and Tootsie Nootan.

The motto for the party was "as bare as you dare, but no erections allowed" which, as I told Ziggy, was the first request I heard of that is actually easier to accomplish in SecondLife than in first life.

For more pictures from this event visit Ziggy On The Edge Of Second Life; Fun And Fabulous Second pride Part 6: Ziggy Gets Butt Naked...
The Yifus, Regi and Ty


  1. I gave up on media players long ago as they never work right or are in sync for everybody but now I dabble with media on a prim which works slightly better.

    1. I am almost at that point, but I will give it just one more try sometime the following week. Hopefully I will get it working or I will have to revert to the media on a prim too ;)


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