Thursday, June 28, 2012

When In Doubt, Take A Quiz

As a non-American citizen I will - to many of my American friends relief - have no say in the upcoming presidential election, but it was still a relief to see the outcome of this quiz.

You can take the quiz at I Side With...(url)


  1. Interesting quiz, Bock. Thanks. My results were similar to yours. I seemed to favor the Green Party Candidate a bit more than you and Mitt Romney even less if you can imagine that.

    I was surprised how Ron Paul entered higher for me than expected. I guess I agree with his foreign policy positions.

    You gotta love the American Media. I didn't even know who Jill Stein was and she scored the highest for me. In the media, she isn't even presented as an option. Pretty sad for everyone involved.

    1. Thank you for your interesting input.

      From my perspective as a non-citizen, there are two major issues in the American election procedures that never cease to amaze me and I do not really understand the need for, especially not in the leading democratic nation in the world.

      The first issue is of course the low rate of participation in the elections. This is of course caused by the need to "register to vote" at some point in time time prior to the election instead of allowing all citizens of age to take part.

      The second issue is the indirect approach in presidential elections where the popular votes result in electors who in turn vote for president. Once chosen the electors can vote for anyone they choose and are not bound by the wishes of those that elected them. The process is further complicated by "the winner takes all (electors)" that is the state law in certain state. These two facts make it necessary for the voters - who don't wish to "waste" their votes - to consider the two most likely candidates and vote for "the lesser evil" instead of the candidates they like best. This inevitably leads to a harsh focus on only the two largest candidates, with the exclusion of other alternatives.

      But the again, I am only a Euro-onlooker... ;)


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