Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Fashion Show at SP2012

I am spending too much time having fun with friends at the Second Pride Festival and not blogging enough so i have a lot to tell you all, but will do so in increments.
The fashionistas arrive
Starting off, let me tell you about the Second Pride Fashion Show yesterday.

Three brand names where represented in the show, Beefcake and Empire Emporium which both do menswear, while Tort does womenswear. I will show them in that order, so here goes.
Sneak peak to where the models are waiting
Sexy MC Chade Dagger did a great job

 1. Beefcake

2. Empire Emporium

3, Tort
There was one of the men´s outfits that I fell in love with, let see if you can guess which...? I promise its not the model´s allure (even if he happens to be a fine specimen), it is a matter of pure design!

I actually bought it today and wore it for the first part of my fun at Pride roday.

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