Saturday, July 21, 2012

Friday with the Boys

Yesterday I had a prearranged meeting with Ziggy Starsmith at The Rainbow Yacht Club. He was going to pick me up there to show me his new home in Second Norway.

Even though I was a bit nervous about his typing at the same stime as he was driving everything went well and we soon docked safely at his new home. The house lies directly by the waterfront and you only have to get out of the boat to be there.

I was relieved to hear that his next door neighbor was Mialinn Telling herself. She probably wants to keep an eye on him, quite understandably, even if he has calmed down considerably during the time I have known him.
Although Ziggy only moved in a few days ago he had already gotten a new house in place and had finished furnishing and decorating it. That usually takes me a couple of weeks or months. We had a great time inspecting the new parcel, the house and just talking.  All the time I was secretly looking at his wonderful hairy calves.

Then I got an IM from my stepson Guyke, inviting us both over to take a look at the work he and his husband Janttu had been doing in remodeling their homestead. The results so far is great I can tell you and a immense change from earlier.

When I saw the new privy they had installed I felt the need to try it out, and I can tell you it was very comfortable.

Although it seems as if I am alone on the picture, I had an audience of three watching me so it was not my most restful moment on the loo.

I tried to get a picture of the four of us together in front of their beautiful new green house, but the two young ones both had their irritatingly fidgeting cruising Animation Overrides (AO) on. This is the best I could do with Janttu showing himself from his best side. (Well, I did actually get a good picture of all of us facing forward, but this was still my favorite.)

We finished the visit with some ballroom dancing in the boys wonderful new dance area, a gazebo with a stunning fountain in the middle. It was very relaxing to dance and talk among friends and after awhile I felt the Friday coma set in and had to leave for my beauty sleep.


  1. I had a wonderful time Bock and it was an honor to have been able to dance with you, such inspiration to learn how to dance like that when a beautiful, Swedish prince stands before me looking so handsome and manly....
    And your son is just as wonderful as you are!

    1. Spreading it on a little bit thick there, buddy, but please keep it up...

      As you know all mention of my adopted son child goes directly to my heart, but alas his stunning looks come from his beautiful dad! ;)

  2. Well let me just add that all 3 men in my company on that wonderful Friday were stunning examples of manly beauty ;-)
    Bock, just try and make me stop lavishing you with compliments!

    1. And you looked very dashing yourself, gorgeous! ;)


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