Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Joie de Vivre

On Saturday I caught my boys, Guyke and his husband Janttu, dancing on the fountain in their dance area, it was a perfect image of the ebullience of the joy of living. Once in a while they happened to pushed each other off the fountain, but soon they were both up there dancing again.

Sunday, which was the last day of my summer vacation this year, my local news paper had a headline saying "The summer comes next week". It had been a rather wet and chilly summer so far with the temperatures between 12-15 ºC (54-59 ºF). And the meteorologists were correct, the weather has become much warmer and finally feels like summer.

Monday was a good day, I love my work and like the people I work with so it was good to be back. When I came home I went to bed for a short nap at 6 PM and did´t wake up until 7 AM this morning, so I guess I was tired again. Today I have resisted the urge to take a nap but will get an early night of it instead.

My healing after the recent operation is progressing much better than the doctor expected and I have had none of the complications he warned me about, especially because I am a smoker. Well, not yet may be best to add.


  1. good news, you should definetely quit smoking and just smoke in SL :)

    1. Everybody tells me that, I stopped listening long ago ;)


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