Sunday, July 1, 2012

Showing Off My Latest Outfit

Well, I did warn you that I saw an outfit I loved at the fashion show yesterday. So the first thing I did after logging in to SecondLife today was go to the Beefcake shop at Second Pride and buy the things I needed and dress up in them. Stunning, don't cha think?

I really like it, even if Levi Ewing told me he would never dare wear an outfit like this and my friends Paul Maracas and Butch Diavolo agreed on that it made my ass and thighs look fat.


  1. I agree that I would never wear that outfit either but I admit you carry it off well and do it justice Mr beautiful!
    My God where did you get that hot hot ass!
    I may need to go be alone with these pictures for an hour....

    1. Awww thanks, Mr. Gorgeous But Unadventurous, flattery will get you anything - well, almost. ;)

      I blame my genes for my perky ass, and I emphatically maintain it is perky even if some evil-minded people say its just fat.

  2. Pfft, I never said it makes your ass and thighs look fat! I said it made your head look small...

    1. LOL Well, I did a bit of loose interpretation...


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