Sunday, August 12, 2012

Must Read for Rod Humble and Linden Lab

Rod Humble and the rest of you guys and girls at Linden Lab must already know that I love you all and that I am usually a staunch supporter of what you guys provide us with. But...

We - the residents that have been here a long time and still come back - have seen you perform several changes in our in-world experiences that do not seem to address our immediate concerns and problems. This has continued despite repeated promises from both my beloved Phillip Linden and from you too dearest Rodvik Linden.

We did not ask for "mesh", you shoved it down our throats, neither did we ask for "pathfinding", which you are force feeding us now. If any of these things are happening to fix the stuff we have been praying you to fix, you have been awfully bad in communicating it. And if it isn't, why the hell don´t you fixed the promised things first before doing things that are cool only for the tech-geeks?

Please read the plea from another frustrated resident (and a very smart and cute cookie at that) Mr. Ziggy Starsmith Thank You, Linden Lab ... Thanks Alot! (url).


  1. Thanks for your support my white Prince Bock. I am going nowhere but not doing certain things anymore for awhile xxxxx

  2. Bock! I am glad you are on my side about Mesh! I am refusing to even download new viewers as long as Exodus works for my ATI-plagued system without crashing (us ATI users are having some real problems right now with Second Life).

    Second Life is the single most user-unfriendly (potentially) mass-market computing experience introduced in the past 10 years.

    It is harder for an average user to learn than a new operating system and an application like Photoshop combined into one, and right when you think you get it, a new viewer is introduced that forces you to relearn all the interfaces you spend the past year (or however long you used your older viewer) perfecting.

    Then, when this is done, a new technology of dubious value (mesh, pathfinder) is introduced which crashes and causes problems for months until the bugs are worked out.

    And the powers that be cannot figure out WHY usership is not increasing. They assume that it is probably due to "the maturing of user interest" like Second Life is some sort of 10 year old game.

    Remember children story the Emperor's new clothes? Everyone was afraid to let the Emperor know he was naked until a child pointed at him and yelled it out. I picture Linden Lab as the land of the Emperor for the past 5 years, with some bright people keeping their mouth shut about why they are not growing.

    Maybe Linden will wake up and smell the coffee if enough people point the finger at them like Ziggy has done in his article and let them know worthless their magnificent new technologies are, when in fact, they are worse than worthless since they are driving their best users away from the game.

  3. Count me in as a mesh-hater too.

    I have some mesh items that are great, but they aren't worth the the performance sacrifices for one.

    Secondly, the difficulty in creating mesh items has really thrown advantage to a small group of creators.

    It's thrown a wrench in the market and left us with a rather stale selection of new products. I'm sure many fashion bloggers would disagree, but those of us who refuse to be homogenized under alpha layers have been left in the dust.

    A lot of dedicated SL users are very unhappy and LL has been thumbing it's nose to users who spend hundreds of dollars a month on their SL existence.

    The viewers, search, marketplace, land prices, mesh, pathfinding, have all been destructive changes thrown at a loyal user base. Why is it so hard to wrap around a concept of pleasing your customers?

    Being this detached from your customers is inexcusable. Rod Humble seems like a nice man, but so did George Bush. SL is so on the wrong track, unless the destination is supposed to be a train wreck.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hey Guykechen, why did you delete your comment?

      I would never strike you from my will even if you disagreed with me, but I would of course love to threaten with doing it... ;)

    2. LOL dearest Bockilein :)

      Well I was going to write about how much I love mesh clothing...But then I started reading Ziggy's blog and found myself agreeing with him more and more. So I changed my mind and decided to retract my comment.


    3. Yup, that sweet dude is not only cute he has brains too ;)

      Just like you, hugggggs!


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