Thursday, August 9, 2012

The New Board of Second Pride

The elections for the board of Second Pride 2013 ended at midnight on Sunday. The voting procedure was done electronically on the Second Pride website and seems to have worked without any fault.

As a member of the Election Committee I am proud to present the new board to you:

Doc Spad, Chairman
Kyle Beckett, Secretary/Co-Chairman
SquirtN Wonder, Treasurer
Kharissa Indigo, Events Director
Dextrum Boucher, Membership Director
Mr. Gracemount, Building Director
Tootsie Nootan, Security Director
Tylo Mabellion, Marketing Director
Baz Caewlin, Communications/IT Director

My warmest congratulations to those who have been elected. I also wish them the best of luck with the important work that lays ahead!


  1. Congrats and all my vote picks won!!!!
    So many friends on that list and I am proud of all of you!
    Bock this calls fro a drink or 6...

    1. Good people all of them, Ziggy!

      Actually my picks in the two contested positions lost, but I have no doubt that the ones that were elected will do a great job too.

      Of course we must drink a few to celebrate! ;)


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