Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sleep Cycle

My sleep last night. The app tells me that my "sleep quality"
was 73 % even if it to me looks like I was awake a few times.
I have installed the app called "Sleep Cycle" (url) on my mobile phone a while back. It is actually the best alarm clock I have ever had in my life.

You put the mobile under the sheet at the head-end of your bed and it analyzes your sleep cycle pattern while you sleep. Of course you have all kinds of options in setting it, but I have set it to wake me up in a 30 minutes time-frame when it best fits into my sleep cycle. 

The thing that has always made me totally sick of other alarm clocks, the repetitive buzzes or other monotonous and noisy sounds, which have always freaked me out and made me very angry or irritated first thing in the morning have now been replaced by a lovely, kind and unobtrusive tune that is called "Warm breeze". After a while it adds a friendly vibration.

I highly recommend downloading it, I have never been happier to wake up than I have been since I started using it.

P.S. And of course (sic!) you can set the app to send messages about your sleep to post on Facebook.


  1. rreally?? you think that pattern is good??? looks like you where half awake most of the night... i dont have the ability to have aps on my ancient mobile so i cant try it but that would be an interesting thing to i dont feel that im sleeping at all most of the time just slumbering

    1. Well, it is what the app tells me dearest Vampi!

      And actually, I did feel like I had had a good nights sleep although I do see your point! ;)

  2. I am sorry but i sleep for 5 hours a night and sleep like a baby and wake refreshed. I feel bad for anyone with sleeping problems.
    Maybe you need a man to snuggle with in bed, Bock and then you can sleep deeply knowing your safe ;-)

    1. Are you voluntaring for the task of being my bed-fellow, sweet Ziggy? ;)

  3. Replies
    1. LOL we must start making plans for your transatlantic trip...


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