Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Secret Trekkie

I have a close friend in SecondLife who has a deeply buried secret, which he confided to me not long ago. He is a Star Trek fan but is afraid to go public with this secret because he does not wish to be stamped as a "geek" by those who are so quick to judge others.

Ever since my dear friend joined SecondLife about five years ago he has combined the two passions. Over time he has learnt how to build, script and texturize. What at first must have looked as a weird desk has now turned into the most astonishing, accomplished and thrilling piece of work I have seen in SecondLife.

When you come into the room where he keeps his secret building project you see only a modest desk and a chair in front of it. If you sit in the chair and start pushing a few buttons the desk quickly changes to a Starship console. Pieces fold out everywhere, on top and  to the sides, and screens get turned on showing the most complicated moving digits, warnings on screen and with sounds, flickering images with instructions and astronomical charts and more, much more. In fact everything one has ever seen in the movies and more and better. It is a quite a unique and overwhelming experience.

I have taken a few pictures, but must tell you that I would have needed to film it to do it justice. The pictures do not show the changing screens or the sounds. (In the pictures below I have taken care to protect my friends anonymity by covering him with a hexagon, so that's why you see an ugly blob in the pictures.)

Thank you so much, my dearest friend, for sharing this secret with me!

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  1. OMG! Could there be a more perfect Christmas gift for Hunter!!! The only issue would be which of us would get to operate it first :) Hunter and I are the biggest trekkies evah! Diana slips into the star trek uniform, puts her vulcan skin and esrs on, smiles and raiser her hand in the vulcan salute....may your friend live long and prosper, Bock :) huggles to you, too!


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