Friday, October 5, 2012

"Doing A Bock"

When I walked into the lunchroom at work today I overheard two co-workers talking.
- "Yesterday I did a Bock!"
- "Oh, what do you mean?"
- "Well, I went to bed when I came home and slept until midnight. Then I got up went to the bathroom. ate a little, drank a little, watched television a little and went back to bed again two hours later to sleep until it was time to get up for work."

The word of my strange habits seem to be spreading. Actually I have done two Bock´s in a row this week, yesterday and the day before, and still i feel tired. I am blaming the arrival of autumn and the darned continuous raining.

After work most days I check in with my dad at the hospital, then over to my mother to see that she is OK too and then home to hit the bed after taking two painkillers for my more or less permanent headache. Anyway my father is getting better and my mother is doing well, so all is well in the world!


  1. gaaah yeah the constant raining grey weather and the fact that our landlord still havent turned on the heating in our apartment is not making my body happy at all (fibromylagia and not the light version)i normally loves autumn(fall) but not this year:( painkillers dont work at all sleep is 30 min here and there.... TGIF so i can have some wine it does help for the moment at least:)
    hugs(cant log in atm as my comp hates me so im anom hahah not "them" tho)

    1. Ughhh dearest Vampi, well you can rest assured that I and sirhc don´t hate you even if the landlord and the computer do! ;)

    2. hehe i know my dearest bock;) hugs /vampi

  2. All the best to your family buddy

  3. Thanks guys, my father is doing much better every day. They are still keeping him at the hospital until the infection has healed.



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