Friday, October 26, 2012

Linden Lab - Punish Criminals, Not Victims!

From Insyx Piranha:
"You probably have heard my story about being robbed of my Ls and LL not helping me due to me being only a basic account. I am still pissed that LL has yet to help or even acknowledge the crime against me. I have not been reimburse for the monetary values taken from me either. I am sure this has happened to others. Well now you can stand up and use your voice to help me, and others, fight this injustice that LL places upon us."

For the events leading up to this petition please read Petr Hastings-Vanbeeck´s blog Confessions of a Digital Daddy Bear; When bad things happen to GOOD PEOPLE! or Blithe SL Magazine; You´re a Customer, Not the Resident of a Dictatorship

If you wish to sign the petition please go here, Petition - Linden Lab: Punish Criminals, Not Victims


Linden Lab has an obligation towards all residents in  SecondLife to protect us from criminals and criminal activity as far as they are able to do so and to ban accounts that prey on residents from using SecondLife again.

(Tipped via Ziggy, Eddi, Petr and InsyX himself)

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