Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shooting the Breeze

Following my escapade to the Burn2 yesterday, I felt an immediate need for some peace and quiet at home, preferably in pleasant company but alone would have been fine too.

I was happy when I saw my buddy Ziggy inworld and sent him an Instant Message, I was even happier when he invited himself over for a visit. We started by taking a walk around the home sim and checking the state of things but after our walk we ended up on the porch of the barn and engaging in some idle conversation about this and that and everything inbetween. Comparing stories and experiences is a good way to get to know one and other better.

After a while the youngsters dropped by to say good night before they logged off. Ars, and people in first life too, have always accused me of having limited powers of observation. If I go to a party with friends, be it in SecondLife or first life, we have never been to the same party. Others see and notice things that I haven't payed any attention to at all.

I could of course admit to the fact, but instead I defend myself with the excuse that my powers are not limited, merely selective. I tell them that I see and notice what interests me at that point in time, to notice and memorize more would probably overload my circuits.
Well, yesterday evening my attention was suddenly drawn to a tattoo over one of my son in-law Janttu´s eyebrows. I promise you I have absolutely never seen it before. The boys maintained that he had had that tattoo "for ages" and even that my son Guyke has one too under his eye (covered by the sun glasses at this occasion they told me). I still cannot understand how I have failed to notice any of those tattoos.

When the boys had left for bed, we were joined by our friend Butch for a while, but by then I had gotten too tired to take more pictures. My curfew for SecondLife came much too soon after his arrival but I had to log off to get some sleep before work. The other two party animals went on to a party instead!


  1. Buddy, have you ever noticed that i have som tatoos too ? =)

  2. I always enjoy spending quality moments with you, your family and friends Bock!
    You always calm me....
    I do admit that I have seen Guyke's tattoo by his eye but i do agree as to never seeing Janttu's tattoos before. ;-)
    I joke on my blog about this meeting but in fact everybody involved were perfect gentlemen as I never had any doubts about!

    1. Pffft "perfect gentlemen", do not believe him for a second! Read his post here and get another - and more refreshing - point of view Bock and Butch Talk Sex Toys (GASP).

  3. lol, my story there is fictitious as Bock would never have such a foul disposition, however seeing him again in person I did fall more in love ;-)


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