Thursday, October 18, 2012

Size Matters...

Heterosexuals should take special care when spicing things up in the bedroom.

Playing with large objects in unfamiliar orifices can be detrimental if you are careless or do not know what you are doing. ("Don't do this at home, kids!")
FYI! 9 inches equals 22,9 centimeters
From The Shangaiist (via J.M.G.)


  1. ehhhh ok?!? what was the wife trying to do?? make it come out the other end?? they need to go to a dildo class hehe
    lesson 1: one end should always be outside of the body
    or use a strap on next time at least thats attached to something and cant "run away" up inside as such;)

  2. I think the dildo punctured the imbeciles brain!

    1. Quite possible, but he had six days in heaven also...

  3. What an amateur...

  4. Yikes. How does one comment on this in a decent yet witty matter?


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