Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Big Bear Blend

Well, who would have imagined... and the company isn't even based in San Francisco, California, but in much more innocent sounding Northampton, Massachusetts-

Product description
Announcing our newest roast - Big Bear Blend! This rich and full-bodied blend of Indonesian, Papua New Guinea and Timor beans is smooth as silk . Special thanks to Vince, our Bear Contest Label photo contest winner, who graces the label with his adorable smile. 10 ounces. Fair trade organic, ground for auto/drip/k cup basket.

For a larger assortment of gay coffee blends (and actually some straight ones too) check out Gay Coffee (url)

"Gay Coffee is fabulous, 100% fair trade, organic coffees from farmer cooperatives across the world

Gay Coffee is gay owned and operated and donates a percentage of profits to local and national LGBT organizations.

Gay Coffee is the fusion of camp and queer culture – we take common themes and even some stereotypes, we own them and have some fun with them, while complimenting each theme with a piece of LGBTQ cultural and civil rights history


  1. Pretty Northampton Massachusetts, set in the Berkshire Mountain foothills, is well known as a major lesbian center. It is the home of Smith College, a very prestigious all-woman's college, one of the famous Seven Sisters of elite institutions. In fact, Advocate ranked Northamapton the most lesbian place in the United States on a per-capita basis in January. I am surprised that they do not have a rugged lady with short hair driving a little pick up truck with a German Shepherd in back of it in the ad.

    1. Haha and here I was thinking this was just some little quaint town in Hicksville, U.S.A.

      The company actually do have a blend named "Stone Butch Breakfast Blend" aimed at the lesbian coffee-lovers, check it out on the website.

  2. I travel up around there regularly during the year as me and my hubby has buds up there. it has a robust LBGT community so this makes sense :)

    If you ever in that area, and neighboring Springfield, check out some of the coolest lil clubs and gay bars. One remind me soo much of SL with male dancers hehe...aptly named Xtatic LOL

  3. Oh and OMG that chubby bear on the cover is just tasty :)

  4. as long as the coffee is strong and black i dont care if it gay straight or animal(that was bad sorry) i want my coffee black and strong and NO instant and NO decaf:) hugs


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