Sunday, November 4, 2012

Clan McMillan and Hurricane Ziggy

So the hurricane Ziggy passed through the McMillan clan - officially yesterday - but unofficially some time earlier. When hurricane Ziggy hit landfall on Southern Charm it created havoc in the family tree.

The Much Honored Bock McMillan, laird of Southern Charm and prince of Cascade Falls, has finally caught up with all the changes now after an extremely long talk with his son prince Guyke Lundquist of Claddagh, who informed him of all the developments in very slow steps.
  1. Guyke and prince Janttu Winkler of Claddagh have divorced in SecondLife (In first life they are still as lovey-dovey as ever before.)
  2. Guyke and duke Ziggy Starsmith (kingdom as yet unknown) have partnered in SecondLife, which means that Ziggy is now my son in-law. (However, at this point in time I refuse to let go of Janttu as my son in-law so he still retains that title also.)
  3. Janttu has formed a partnership with a beautiful man named Mr. Fabiano something, whom the laird has not yet had the pleasure of meeting. In the new partnership Janttu already has a grown son. (I forgot his name already, so sorry.)
I think thats it so far, further developments will be reported as they are revealed to the laird.

It´s all good. I get the added benefit of the charming Ziggy in the family while all the others remain. And the new additions will be excellent I am confident of that. The men of my clan have excellent taste in partners! My head is still spinning, but I am sure I will be happy when all the dust has settled.


  1. Oh dear God my Prince Of Southern Charm...I think...I think I might with Guyke's son!
    This makes you
    (Ziggy runs and hides)

    1. Hmmm if there should happen to be a child from your union with my son, it will be welcome but rest assured, I will let the sweet child know how fortunate it is to have such an amazingly young and stunningly handsome grandfather... ;)

  2. Sometimes the change can be good :). And the name of the lovely hubbie is Fabiano Dover, and the (impossible) son is named Dillon ;).

    1. chch changes! For the record I love Fabiano :) and Dillon reminds me a lot of me!

    2. Thank you for assisting my failing memory, dearest Janttu!

      You new family is most welcome to the clan and I am looking forward to meeting them soon.

      To Guyke I will say, hey dude you are much like me, you love everyone indiscriminately in the beginning! However I am quite sure that Janttu has better sense than to land me with two more crazies...

      Yeah, love you both too - always! ;)

  3. i'm looking forward to meet you guys:)

    1. My dear Fabiano, welcome to the family!

      I can understand your initial shock at suddenly being surrounded by all these charming and sweet lunatics, but please remember you can always come to me. They are really not at all as bad as they seem, believe me, they are worse.

      I am looking forward to meeting you and your son Dillon soon!


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