Sunday, December 9, 2012

Entire Soccer Team Sacked for Homophobia

Sörskogens IF, the first team of 2012
After a soccer game in the 7th division of the Swedish league between the LGBT team Stockholm Snipers and Sörskogen IF, the whole first team of Sörskogens IF has been fired by the clubs board. The reason for this decision was that some of the players of Sörskogen called Sniper players "HIV infected", "sluts" and said things like "You suck dick for 50 crowns" to them.

Sörskogens IF has also received a fine of five thousand Swedish crowns (U.S. $750). The players were ordered to join an ethics course at Stockholm's soccer federation, which they refused. They claim they have made ​​no homophobic statements. 

Ketil Torp, chairman of the board of Sörskogen IF says, "The players unwillingness to apologize, or even admit to the wrongdoings, were the reason for sacking them. It is clear that the team does not consist of 15 villains, rather of a few black sheep, but they are protecting each other and do not want to stand up for what has happened. When you're a team, you have to work together to ensure that all is done in a good manner. The players have shown no willingness to communicate with us. Had they done so, we might not have had to fire them. It is important to put your foot down, to show which values ​​the team stands for especially since we have so many young people and children on the team."

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