Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Yesterday a summit meeting was held at the stronghold of the McMillan clan in SecondLife, the Southern Charm sim. The much honored Bock McMillan, laird of Southern Char and prince of Cascade Falls, had summoned prince Guyke Lundquist to the home sim for a conference.

Prince Guyke is of course best known as The Prince of Claddagh, which is the age old title traditionally granted to the heir apparent of the McMillan clan.

The conference had been called rather urgently by the laird after he had been informed that his stepson had engaged in a battle of abuse with a French in-law concerning "Who are the biggest dickheads of Europe", the alternatives being the French or the Belgians. Both parties showed such unusual linguistic talents and creativity in their insults that the laird was mightily impressed and full of awe while thanking his lucky star that he was not involved.

While the prince of Claddagh only showed a modicum of interest for the discussions with his stepfather, the laird himself struck up a conversation in Instant Message with Dejerrity Mycron, his brother in-law. During the course of this conversation the laird was alerted to the fact that Dej had fallen sick with the same uncommon cold that the laird had just recently survived. It became clear that the contagion must have spread from Lund, Sweden, to New York, N.Y., U.S.A. via the Southern Charm sim.

At this news the laird immediately ordered that Southern Charm should be placed in quarantine with only restricted travel between the sim and the outside world. He also ordered out his lazy nobility to douse every straw of grass, every leaf on every tree and themselves with alcogel to avoid spreading the disease any further into SecondLife.

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