Sunday, December 9, 2012

Seasonal Chores

The time has come to prepare for the traditional - well for those of us belonging to the Western European and Judeo-Christian culture - seasonal celebrations. As an atheist Swede, who was  born into our secular lutheran church, I am of course referring to Christmas and New Year.

For Ars, as for many other Americans, decorating - or even over-decorating - for the any of the holidays was a cherished obligation. He used to go completely bonkers and we had colored lights, poinsettias, christmas trees etc, etc, all over the place. I am more low-key, much more.

One of the things I do like to do however is sending out greetings to friends and family, even those I haven't been in touch with for months or even years. I still love them and think of them its just complacency, life and other obligations that has caused a - temporary - breach in the daily or at least regular contact.

Another thing I like is having a get-together before people get immersed in their first life families and obligations. This year I had delegated to - or rather pressured - Millimina and Guyke to handle the party, alas they could not get their scheduled synchronized so the party will have to be in the New Year instead, which is fine by me too because a party when people get back to SecondLife is just as good.

Well, to come to the point, yesterday I went to Calas Galadhon (I always go there) to take pictures for my card. I had a great time with myself and the camera in the Firestorm viewer.


  1. What fabulous pictures and what a handsome Santa. I bet men are drooling to have that Santa creep down their chimeys and eat their milk and cooking and perhaps drain their Christmas potatoes....
    We will have a fabulous get together whenever it happens....

  2. Wonderful pictures! Can't wait to get the Christmas card.
    Calas Galadhon is looking stunning as well :)

  3. Woot Woot! Diana puts her Santa hat on and drags Hunter to Calas- sigh he is a curmudgeon :) Happy Holidays all!


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